AMP: Technology Webinars

All webinars are 3:30–4:30 p.m. Alaska standard time, including time for questions.

Technology Director Webinars

Sessions will focus on the technical aspects of delivering AMP, such as software installation, troubleshooting, educator and student support, Local Caching Server (LCS) usage, and policy as it impacts testing technology.

District Test Coordinator Webinars

These sessions will combine relevant portions from the educator and technology webinars in addition to information specific to assessment administrators.

Archive of Past Webinars

To view an archive of past years' AMP webinars, visit our archive page.


Audience Topic Datesort descending Phone Line Webinar Link PowerPoint File Recording
District Test Coordinators Introduction to the KITE system for new DTCs. 09/15/2015 File DTC Webinar 9-15-2015.pptx Recording
District Test Coordinators for new and returning DTC's: data uploads, add and edit data manually, system changes, TPTs. 09/22/2015 File DTC Webinar 9-22-2015.pptx Recording
Technology Directors Applications, Technology Practice Tests, assisting DTCs 09/24/2015 File TD Webinar 9-24-2015.pptx Recording
District Test Coordinators Canceled. 10/13/2015
Technology Directors Review of KITE system, LCS, Technology Director forum 11/05/2015 File TD Webinar 11-5-2015.pptx Recording
District Test Coordinators New KITE release and enhancements, Interim Testlets, Test Records menu, and more 11/10/2015 File DTC Webinar 11-10-2015.pptx Recording
District Test Coordinators Paper-Based Assessment 12/08/2015 File AMP p-based webinar_final.pptx, PDF icon AMP p-based webinar_12815_FINAL.pdf Recording
District Test Coordinators KITE Client update, Educator Portal updates, ongoing fixes, upcoming deadlines 01/12/2016 File DTC Webinar 01-12-2016.pptx Recording
Technology Directors Service Desk improvements, KITE Client updates, interim testlet functionality, open Q&A 01/14/2016 File TD Webinar 01-14-2016.pptx Recording
District Test Coordinators Username and password extract, Daily Access Codes, section breaks, inter-district student transfers 02/16/2016 File DTC Webinar 02-16-2016.pptx Recording
Technology Directors Canceled. 02/18/2016
District Test Coordinators Test window preparations, test monitoring, Special Circumstances codes 03/08/2016 File DTC Webinar 03-08-2016.pptx Recording
Technology Directors Local procedures during the test window, troubleshooting in case of technology failure, open Q&A 03/10/2016 File TD Webinar 03-10-2016.pptx Recording