Student Username and Password Transfers

Occasionally, a student must take their AMP summative assessment at a school other than the school in which they are enrolled. In other words, the student would take AMP at a host school instead of at the school of record. In such an event, a student username and password transfer protocol may be used.

All username and password transfers should be requested and managed by the District Test Coordinator (DTC) or Building Test Coordinator (BTC) for the student’s school of record. Please use the Distribution Folder Request Form on this website, and the Service Desk will assist you in creating a secure folder on HawkDrive where the student’s login credentials may be transferred. Please do not email student information. Improper use will result in a test security violation and may warrant an investigation by the Professional Teaching Practices Commission.

To obtain a HawkDrive distribution folder and to share the username and password, the DTC/BTC for the school of record should follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Distribution Folder Request Form. A link to the form may be found at the bottom of this page. After receiving the form, AAI will create a HawkDrive folder with two logins and levels of access: “Read/Write” access for the school of record and “Read Only” access for the host school. AAI will send both logins to the DTC. A login consists of a link and a password.
  2. Download the username and password information from Educator Portal through the standard extract process. You may need to split or filter the .csv file to ensure that only the appropriate student’s username and password information is shared.
  3. Follow the link included in the login information. The link will take you directly to your folder on the HawkDrive.
  4. Upload the username and password to the HawkDrive folder.
  5. Share the “Read Only” login information with the Building Test Coordination (BTC) for the host school over the phone. Please do not email the login information to the BTC.

To retrieve the username and password, the BTC for the host school should follow these steps:

  1. Use the “Read Only” login information provided by the DTC/BTC for the school of record to access the HawkDrive. A login consists of a link to the HawkDrive and a password.
  2. Download the file with the student’s username and password from the folder.

Request a distribution folder